Full stack .NET development. Design, development, support

Overal 10 year expiriance of development descktop and web based applications. Design highloaded cloud based systems with rich user interface.

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Commercial development as well as own projects!

Software in the modern world is very complex and information that it keeps is highly important. This why it's important to keep software up to date with new technologies and practices. Open Source community and commercial companies releases new products that helps us to deliver software faster and design robust and secure applications.

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Windows Azure PaaS and IaaS allows to build high-load web applications. Azure PaaS provide wide number of services, but also we allows to build any service upon IaaS.

Desktop/Hybrid applications

For Windows desktop applications works best WPF, but modern cross-platform solutions could be created with JS based technologies (Electron, Ionic, Cordova).


MS SQL works best for relational databases. NOSQL very wide concept, for most applications works best MongoDB or ElasticSearch.

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Docker helps minimize environment setup and delivery application to production server. Continuous integration helps automate process of testing and delivery.

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